Add a New Career

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on Add New in the Careers section.
  2. If you see the “Welcome to the block editor” pop-up, simply close it by clicking on the “X”. (You won’t need the block editor for this task) 
  3. Add the Career Title where it says “Add title”. In the area just below the title, add the Job Description. In the next section, there are designated spots to add the Position, Location, Department and Open Date.
  4. To add a Job Duty, click the “Add Duty” button. Repeat that process to add more Job Duties. Use that same method in the next section to add Education/Skill Requirements
    Please note: You do NOT have to edit any information in the bottom section named “Yoast SEO”. 
  5. When you have completed entering all the information for your new Career, be sure to save the page by clicking the Publish button on top