Add a New User

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on Add New User in the Users section. **Note: only admin accounts are capable of adding new users. If you do not see the Add New User link in the Users section on your Dashboard, that means you do not have an admin account. Please contact a user with admin privileges, or contact us for more help.
  2. Every new user is required to have a Username (no spaces) and Email address. Best practice for a Username is the user’s first and last name (as one single name). It’s also good practice to add the user’s First Name and Last Name, however these fields are optional.
  3. Click the Show password button to see (and copy) the password. Strict passwords are important to deter hacking, so it’s best to use the password that the system automatically generates. A great, free tool for managing your passwords is LastPass (safe, secure, and highly recommended). Be sure to click the Add New User button to save your new user details.